Welcome to our scan studio.

See your present and future smile in minutes.

What’s the scan studio?

Located in the CBD and Edgecliff (Double Bay) the scan studio is where you come in to do a quick, painless 45 minute 3D scan of your teeth. This will instantly show you your smile’s present vs. its future.

Book a scan

Getting started is easy. Visit our one of our scan studios for a free 3D scan of your current smile and see your future smile.

Choose a plan

If you like what you see, you can start your treatment plan immediately - with two easy payment options.

Smile big:)

After your treatment plan is over, and your teeth are all straight, all you have to do is keep smiling.

The Scan Studio is your first step towards an even better smile.

See what your smile could be in 45 minutes.

With only 45 minutes of your time, see everything your smile could be given the right opportunities and support. We’ll show you your present and future smile, side by side – with a painless, 3D scan of your chompers.

Make it a reality in as little as 4 months.

On average your We Smile journey will take approx 4-6 months and will depend on whether you need that little bit extra…

Getting here

Train + walk

Take the train to the CBD (Martin Place or Wynyard Station) or Edgecliff Station (Double Bay) and then walk 5 minutes to one of our locations.


Ask your Uber driver to take you to the CBD or Edgecliff (Double Bay).

Ride a bike

Zero pollution and getting some exercise in at the same time. #winning

More the stay-at-home kind of person? We’ve got you covered. Soon, we’ll be able to come over and do the scan at your place, if you’re in Sydney.

Frequently asked questions

What is a We Smile scan studio?
The scan studio is where you do a consultation, checkup and 3D scan of your smile. All up its approx. 45 minutes. Once complete we’ll show you your current and predicted future smile.
Why do I need to have a scan?
The 3D scan is what we use to evaluate the current position of your teeth as well as design your new smile. It is similar to conventional impressions or moulds that some dentists still use but easier and more fun.
How long does the scan take?
Our scanners are super quick – a typical scan takes approximately 10 minutes!

Book your studio scan now. It’s free for a limited time.

Choose a date and time that works for you and book it in now – takes about 10 seconds.

Or dig deeper into how it works


coming soon

Home Scan

If you're more about Netflix and chill and Uber eats vs going out, we'll soon be able to come over to your place to complete your 3D scan. At a time that works for you. Get notified when we launch.

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